Understanding Unmethod

Digital agencies have their methods. But strip away the veneer, and their methods are essentially the same. Unmethod is the exact opposite of this big, bland world of predictability.

We’re focused on the intersection between the digital world and human experience, producing creative expressions that wow audiences and win over our clients. In this endeavor, we’re experiential strategists, leveraging humanities, behavioral psychology, market research, and more to understand what motivates people on their customer journey.

Founded in 2016 in Houston, Unmethod has had the honor of collaborating with both large and small-scale clients, including NRG, Houston Methodist Hospital, and Green Mountain Energy. Our size and owner mindset enable us to partner and collaborate on your challenge.

Connecting with an audience takes on many forms and is constantly evolving. What we produce to answer your business challenge might take form as a design, website, illustration, branding effort, 3D animation, or even a custom font. Regardless what we produce, we rely on our core services offering, including digital strategy, user interface design, creative and art direction, concept strategy, web design and development, SEO, social media strategy and content.

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